About Foot Surgery

Surgery to your feet

What can be Achieved 

Our feet are important to us.  When we are having ongoing or loss of function, surgery may be offered as a solution.  It is important that you see a surgeon with experience not only in performing the procedure but the management of you medical and surgical condition.  Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Surgeons are uniquely trained medical doctors who have the experience to determine which procedure is best to acheive your optimal outcome.

Relieve the Pain of Arthritis

Pain from arthritis comes from the loss of cartilage between the joints.  As symptoms get worse, increasing stiffness or deformity of the joitn may occur.  Surgical options to alleviate pain may consist of cheilectomy (removing the bump), interposing tissue or implant in the joint, fusion of the joint or replacement of the joint.

Realign deformity of the foot

Common deformities of the feet can be buions, hammer toes or flat feet. Problems occur when shoes or inserts are no longer accomodating the deformity. Deformity correction consists of osteotomies (cuts to the bone), transfer of tendons to restore function or sometimes fusion of the joint to reposition the foot.

Repair of Degenerative tendons or torn ligaments

Common sites of degenerative tendons occur at the ankle and can cause pain or deformity.  When tears to ligmaments do not heal on there own, ongoing pain or instability may occur. Repair of the tendons can consist of debridement or reconstruction.  Depending on the location of ligament tears, repair or reconstruction of the tendons can be performed.  Fusion of joints may be required when reconstruction of certain joints is not achievable .