3.4 Endoscopic Gastrocnemius Recession is Safe

Dr Sebastien Stephens

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 While open recession of the gastrocnemius carries with it a nearly 5% sural nerve injury,
we show that endoscopically resected, the sural nerve carries with it an injury rate of less than half
that of open procedures. A recent systematic review including 11 studies pooled risk of sural nerve
injury endoscopically was 3%. We plan on a prospective study to bring more power to our conclusion
that endoscopic gastrocnemius recession is a safe procedure and likely to be ameliorated with USS.

3.2 Function Outcomes of Non-operatively Managed Achilles Tendon Ruptures

Dr Daniel McDonald

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This review demonstrated that non-operatively managed Achilles tendon ruptures can
result in favourable long term functional outcomes, as demonstrated by the results of the MOXFQ
scores, in all three domains, especially regarding the walking/standing and pain subgroups. Further
to this we demonstrated a re-rupture rate consistent with established literature.


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